LASIK Eye Surgery – Melbourne

LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis) eye surgery is a safe and painless procedure.

Over 80% of patients having laser eye surgery will undergo this treatment, and over 35 million people have enjoyed its results worldwide. The result of our LASIK eye surgery Melbourne wide is simply fantastic.

It offers the least discomfort and fastest recovery time of any of the laser eye procedures available. In fact, with LASIK eye surgery, most people find they have 20:20 vision by the next day.

It is highly effective and recommended for most short sighted (myopic) and long sighted (hyperopic) people, and for those with astigmatism.

If you suffer from these eye conditions, LASIK eye surgery could be the treatment option for you. However, everyone’s eyes are unique which is why you must have a full eye assessment before LASIK surgery is recommended. You can even read more about our other laser vision correction services, and our PRK surgery Melbourne-wide.

Most importantly, the Lasik eye surgery cost is extremely reasonable. If you’re in Melbourne and feel you may be in need of surgery, feel free to contact us now.

Find out if you’re suitable for LASIK eye surgery


What is LASIK vision correction?


LASIK is a surgical procedure that corrects refractive errors or the need for spectacles. A thin flap is created on the front surface of the eye so that a cool beam of light from an excimer laser can gently sculpt the corneal tissue into a new shape to correct the refractive error. The flap is then replaced and heals naturally and rapidly. Clear vision is restored almost instantaneously.

The entire LASIK eye treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and patients usually experience little or no discomfort using the Lasersight® process. Under normal circumstances you can have both eyes treated on the same day and quickly return to normal activities, with most people finding they have clear vision by the next morning. We have several clinics across the Melbourne suburbs, so there’s bound to be one close to you.

For a step by step explanation of the procedure and the benefits of LASIK eye surgery, Read More.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure At-A-Glance

Step 1: LASIK Preparation

Anaesthetic and antibiotic eye drops are applied to the eye.

Step 2: Flap Creation

A very thin circular flap on the front surface of the cornea is created and gently folded back to expose the inner corneal tissue. The flap is hinged at one edge so it can be replaced.

Step 3: Cornea Reshaping

Computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light are applied to the inner layers of the cornea to remove a precise pre-set amount of corneal tissue, reshaping the cornea and correcting the refractive error.

Step 4: LASIK Completion

The surgeon gently replaces the flap and aligns it to its original position. It heals naturally and securely.

Following LASIK eye treatment, clear plastic shields are placed over the eyes for protection. This is to ensure that the eyes aren’t inadvertently bumped or rubbed. The healing process is very fast, but the shields are an added precaution and should be left on until removed at the post-operative appointment the following day.

Following LASIK eye treatment, vision recovery is rapid yet your eyes may feel light sensitive. We provide you with a pair of sunglasses for your journey home and for future use. There is typically little or no post-operative pain and you can usually return to work and other leisure activities within 24-48 hours of surgery.

The benefits of LASIK eye surgery

  • Healing times are significantly shorter than PRK
  • LASIK patients typically return to work and leisure activities within 48 hours
  • It is routine to treat both eyes with LASIK on the same day
  • The improvement in vision is virtually instantaneous
  • Lasik Eye Surgery cost is reasonable

To find out if you’re suitable for LASIK eye surgery cost and treatment, book online now for an initial consultation at no expense or obligation, where we will take a full assessment of your vision and ocular health and discuss the best options for you.

Just imagine, you could be throwing your glasses away within weeks!

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