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Choosing the right laser eye surgery treatment

Designed to reduce or eliminate the need for spectacles and contact lenses, Advanced PRK laser eye surgery are both safe and popular choices that have been proven to be effective by millions of people worldwide.

NewVision Clinics have successfully performed over 30,000 vision correcting procedures and offer astigmatism.

With laser eye surgery your need for glasses and contacts could be a thing of the past.

Laser eye surgery can eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses and deliver long-lasting visual freedom to those who have short sight (near sight or astigmatism).

At NewVision Clinics we offer our patients the most advanced laser eye surgery procedures available today – LASIK and Advanced PRK.

Both these types of laser eye treatments use precision Excimer lasers to reshape the cornea. Both achieve the same successful results. The difference is in how the eye is prepared for surgery and how this impacts the healing curve.

LASIK and Advanced PRK

Different laser eye surgery treatments – the same life-enhancing results

Our world-renowned surgeon, laser equipment to perform LASIK and Advanced PRK, which both correct refractive errors by reshaping the cornea to alter the way light enters the eye. Both types of procedures achieve the same vision outcomes, the only difference is in how the eye is prepared for surgery and how this impacts the healing curve.

Whats the difference between LASIK and Advanced PRK?

In LASIK, the surgeon creates a flap on the anterior cornea. This flap is gently folded back and the surgeon then uses the laser to reshape the cornea. The flap is gently replaced and heals itself.

In Advanced PRK, the surgeon removes the epithelium (the cornea’s outer skin) by a gentle polishing technique and uses the laser to reshape the cornea. The epithelium grows back over the following days.

Although the preparations are slightly different, the laser treatment and the results are the same. What makes one person a candidate for one surgery over the other is dependent on their corneal thickness, any irregularities of the cornea and certain lifestyle practices.

The highly trained professionals will advise you of your suitability during the comprehensive eye examination. Book online for your assessment.

LASIK and Advanced PRK laser eye treatments – differences at-a-glance

LASIK Advanced PRK (Advanced Surface Ablation)
Prior to the treatment, a hinged flap on the cornea is created either with a laser or a microkeratome. Prior to the treatment, the epithelial layer of the cornea is gently brushed away.
After treatment, the flap is replaced and the epithelium quickly repairs itself. After treatment, a ‘bandage’ contact lens is placed onto the eye. The epithelium grows back within days.
Healing is rapid. Healing takes longer to achieve.
Excellent vision is reached within a few hours and you can return to work the following day. Excellent vision is expected within a month although most patients can drive within 5 days and return to work in a week.

The total time for each procedure is between 15-20 minutes for both eyes, although the laser treatment itself lasts only seconds.

Long-term results are equally as good with either method although good quality vision is reached quicker with LASIK. For this reason LASIK surgery is the preferred choice for correcting vision for most patients.

Talk to the experts

Our optometrists will carry out extensive tests to establish whether you are a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery and if so, whether your best and safest treatment is LASIK or Advanced PRK. If you’d like to find out which laser eye surgery treatment option is best for you, book online now to meet with our highly experienced optometrists and Professor Noel Alpins, who will assess your suitability for surgery.

Book now to discuss your suitability for laser eye surgery and take your first step to visual freedom.

So if your eyesight is deteriorating, don’t delay. Contact us now for the most professional eye surgery Melbourne has to offer and book an appointment today.

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