What is the SILK™ Procedure?

People rely on their eyes for day-today activities and once-in-a-lifetime moments, so we want to treat them with the utmost care. SILK™ is a technologically advanced, keyhole laser vision correction procedure that may allow people to see the world free from glasses or contact lenses.

SILK™ uses one of the most precise femtosecond platforms and introduces a proprietary biconvex lenticule shape that’s designed to deliver better quality of vision and improved corneal nerve protection for a healthier ocular surface.

The Technology Behind the SILK Procedure

ELITA™ is a generational leap in corneal refractive technology that leverages advanced technologies and features to elevate surgeon experience and patient outcomes:

  • Highly focused, low energy laser pulses for better quality treatment of the corneal tissue
  • Ultra-fast delivery system to facilitate smooth corneal incisions
  • Intelligent laser guidance technology to tightly control laser pulse placement with submicron precision for full-field optical quality

How the SILK Procedure Works


The ELITA™ Laser uses the finest of laser pulses to gently create a small disc-shaped lens, called a lenticule, in the cornea after the eye is numbed.


The lenticule is delicately removed through a microscopic incision.


With the removal of the lenticule the shape of the cornea is changed, correcting the patient’s vision.

What Can Patients Expect

With the SILK™ Procedure most patients experience outstanding vision from day one with fast visual recovery – but results can vary from patient to patient. In a clinical study of 70 patients, majority of patients reported being happy with their results and how quickly their vision improved.

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