Specialist Laser Eye Surgery You Can Trust

NewVision Clinics provide expert ophthalmologist services in Melbourne, making it convenient for everyone to consult an eye specialist. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology.

We understand that eyesight is one of your most precious gifts and, understandably, you’re looking at other laser eye surgery clinics in Melbourne. So why choose us?

Our Promise to You – Laser Eye Surgery You Can Trust

At NewVision Clinics, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re in experienced hands that are employing the latest techniques and using the best equipment. We have successfully delivered thousands of outstanding clinical outcomes to satisfied customers just like you.

Leading Technology

At NewVision Clinics we provide our teams with the latest and best resources in laser eye surgery technology as the industry evolves. We’re constantly refining our laser treatments to give you the best outcomes available.

Unsurpassed experience

Before embarking on laser eye surgery it’s natural to be a little nervous, so our staff make every effort to put you at ease by providing you with attentive care throughout your entire visit with us. Each member of our experienced team is registered and trained in accordance with professional guidelines.

Professor Noel Alpins

Professor Alpins has been practising cataract surgery and refractive surgery since founding NewVision Clinics in the 1990’s. He is nationally and internationally recognised as a leading cataract and refractive surgeon and a leading world authority on myopia and astigmatism treatment with the excimer laser.


Experienced Optometrists in Melbourne

Each member of our experienced team is registered and trained in 
accordance with professional guidelines.

Your Eyes & Vision Explained

Healthy sight is something to be cherished and perfect eyesight is something most people take for granted. Yet for a large percentage of the population this is not the case.

Refractive errors such as myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism cause vision problems requiring correction through spectacle or contact lens wear.

At New Vision Clinics we specialize in the latest painless laser eye surgery techniques that, in as little as 15 minutes, can give you your visual freedom back.

The results are immediate and 99% of patients can throw their glasses or contact lenses away.

Specialist Services Centre

Our comprehensive group of practitioners covers all aspects of general and subspecialty eye conditions including:

  • General Ophthalmology
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • Oculo-plastics and Lacrimal Surgery
  • Retinal Conditions
  • Glaucoma

With rigorous screening processes, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, dedicated staff and a world-renowned laser eye surgeon, NewVision Clinics is the smart choice for those looking for the best results from laser eye surgery with the highest possible standard of care.

For further information on laser eye surgery or to make an appointment, please contact us on Free Call 1800 20 20 20, or simply complete our consultation booking form. We look forward to helping you towards a new life of visual freedom.

Eye Examinations Melbourne Australia

NewVision Laser Eye Surgery Clinics offer comprehensive eye examinations conducted by our specialised ophthalmologists. These examinations are available for the whole family to help maintain good vision and ocular health.

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