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Experienced Optometrists in Melbourne

Before we start thinking about surgery, we need to know every detail of your eyes and vision.

To that end, our highly trained optometrists and orthoptists give each patient a thorough eye exam and comprehensive consultation. They check the quality of your vision and for general ocular health using an array of tools and measurement techniques.

Each member of our experienced team is registered and trained in accordance with professional guidelines. They’re assessed regularly to ensure they deliver the highest quality of care, continually improve their knowledge of developments in the field and are kept up to date with industry regulations.



George Stamatelatos
Senior OptometristGeorge graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1987 and has worked extensively throughout Melbourne and Australia. He joined NewVision Clinics in 1998 and continues to contribute to both ophthalmology and optometry journals, book chapters and lecturing to colleagues and doctors worldwide.He is committed to exceptional patient care. His high level of expertise ensures that patients are well informed at each step of the consultative assessment, on the day of the laser procedure and during the recovery period. George is fluent in Greek.George is also involved extensively with the ASSORT® software program that is used on a daily basis for planning and analysing surgical treatments. Together with our software team we are at the leading edge of astigmatism treatment where our techniques and methods are used on a worldwide basis.“NewVision Clinics is always evolving – laser and cataract surgery are fields in which there is ongoing research and development. On any given day our clinic is motivated by the diversity of visual problems we resolve. The joy on a face when spectacle and contact lens independence is achieved keeps us coming back for more…”
David Cropman
OptometristDavid graduated as an optometrist from Manchester University (UK) in 1989. He worked for a large multiple group for a few years to gain clinical experience before setting up his own independent practice which he owned for 14 years. There, he practiced in all aspects of optometry ranging from diabetic screening , contact lens fitting to dispensing.In 2008 he sold his practice and moved to Australia with his family. Shortly after he joined the team at Newvision Clinics and has never looked back. His duties range from assessing people who are interested in laser or cataract surgery, planning their treatments and looking after them post surgery.“It’s great to be a member of a team so committed to improving the quality of peoples lives. NewVision clinics have been like my adopted extended family since I arrived. I enjoy working side by side with Professor Alpins who I have gained so much knowledge from. I don’t think that I could ever tire from seeing the joy on patients faces the day after surgery when the shields are removed and they can see without spectacles for the first time in years.” Out of work David enjoys playing and watching soccer, gardening and painting.
 Poonam Mota 
 OrthoptistPoonam moved to Australia along with her husband in 2011 after which she completed her Masters of Orthoptics in 2014. Poonam has been associated with NewVision Clinics since 2012 as a part of the surgery assistance team. Prior to working with NewVision Clinics, Poonam has worked with Essilor India Pvt.Ltd and various clinical settings in India.She has a great deal of experience in Primary Eye Care, including Paediatric vision and Low vision rehabilitation. At present Poonam plays a significant role in the cataract assessment process, post – operative care and also assists Professor Alpins in the laser and cataract surgery.  She is also an assisting Orthoptist to Ophthalmologists at the clinic who specialise in Retinal, Glaucoma, Oculoplastic and General Ophthalmology. Poonam is an excellent orthoptist and is very passionate about caring for her patients. She is very proactive and always enthusiastic to help her team members and patients.“I extremely enjoy the diversity at my work place and feel very fortunate to be a part of the highly skilled team. Every day is a learning process and an opportunity for me to improve my skills and knowledge. I get immense pleasure and job satisfaction by being available throughout the patient’s journey during the surgery and post-surgery follow ups.”

Our team of eye specialists includes some of the finest laser optometrists in Melbourne. They play a crucial role throughout your post surgery care.

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