Post Surgery Care

Enjoying your new found visual freedom post laser eye surgery

At NewVision Clinics, our laser optometrists are trained in providing you with the best in postoperative care. 

Post surgery care – LASIK 

Our optometrist will see you the day after your surgery to remove your shields, carry out a refraction (eye exam) and check the health of your eyes. 

We instill the first antibiotic drop into your eyes and explain its use together with the anti-inflammatory and lubricating drops we will provide you with.

For LASIK patients, in addition to your mandatory 1-day post-op appointment, you will need a 1 month, and 3 or 6 month appointment as required.

We do require an assessment at our clinic the morning following your laser eye surgery. If it is more convenient for you, your regular optometrist can carry out all follow-ups after this. Should your optometrist not be comfortable with managing post surgery patients, we can provide it or locate a suitable optometrist for you.

Post surgery care – Advanced PRK

For Advanced PRK patients there are post-operative appointments on the following 3 days post surgery, 1 month after surgery, and 3 or 6 months after surgery, as required. 

After your laser eye surgery we monitor the healing of your epithelium over the following few days. For the majority of patients, healing will be complete by day 3 and the bandage contact lenses are removed. 

We will carry out a measurement of your visual acuity and tell you if you’re legal to drive. Though many patients will have reached driving level at this point, the full benefits of corrected vision will usually take a month as the epithelium settles.

If you’re excited to discover all the benefits of having laser eye surgery, call now or book an appointment online. We look forward to helping you take your first steps towards visual freedom!