Your First Consultation

Taking the first step towards laser eye surgery

When you first contact us, our receptionist will ask you a few simple questions and then forward you a brochure explaining laser vision correction at NewVision Clinics.

During your first visit to one of our Melbourne clinics, a thorough assessment will be made to see if you’re a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. Our aim is to ensure that we both have as much information as we require to make the right choice about your laser eye surgery.

Your first consultation will also give you a feel for the quality of our patient care and how we make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Your first eye surgery consultation 

On the day of your first consultation you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire before one of our highly trained refractive laser optometrists takes you through to a consulting room to discuss your expectations and requirements.

You will then have a thorough eye examination including a discussion of your general health and ocular history, followed by refraction to establish the precise visual correction you require. The shape of your cornea is carefully measured, as is the corneal thickness, and the surface of your eyes is accurately mapped with a state-of-the-art topographer.

Once we have the results of these tests, your suitability for laser vision correction will be explained and all risks and benefits discussed.

At this point you will be asked to read a consent form to ensure you are comfortable with the procedure, and we discuss postoperative care and any questions or issues you may have.

Your eyes are then dilated (relaxed) to enable refraction to be performed again. This is to double-check your prescription and that your eyes are healthy from front to back.

While waiting for your eyes to dilate you are invited to watch a short video about laser vision correction at NewVision Clinics.

After the final refraction, our laser optometrists will know whether you are a suitable candidate for LASIK or if another option is better for you.

You will then have a consultation with our surgeon, Professor Noel Alpins, who will confirm the procedure after carrying out an examination of the front and back of the eye and addressing any concerns.

Typically a comprehensive preparatory consultation will last up to 2 hours. 

This is longer than at other laser eye surgery clinics in Melbourne. We are absolutely thorough in our assessments because we believe you deserve the best quality care and outcomes available.

This is at no charge to you and is commitment free.

After this you will have gained much more of an insight into laser eye surgery and you’ll be ready to take the next step.

If you’re excited by the possibility of visual freedom, book your consultation online now or call us to discover how you can be seeing without glasses or contact lenses within weeks.