6 reasons to stop putting off laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery has come a long way. Since it first became widely available 25 years ago, laser technology has developed significantly, allowing for the procedure to be quicker,safer and more accurate than ever before.

If you’re a good candidate for eye surgery—such as LASIK or PRK—because of astigmatism or another condition, here’s why it’s a good time to take the plunge.

  1.     Stress less about losing your glasses or sunglasses

When your vision isn’t great, you carry your glasses around with you everywhere. It can be frustrating if you don’t need them for every task. Every time you take them off, you have to keep an eye on where you put them down, even though there’s still the odd chance you’ll lose them on top of your head anyway. If your sunglasses are prescription, it’s also likely you live fear of leaving them behind. As a result, they’re probably your most prized essential possession,.

Laser Eye surgery is about more than just obtaining good vision; it also takes some of the stress out of your daily routine. We could all use some of that.

  1. Contact lenses cause irritation in more ways than one

Lenses can be expensive, often irritate eyes, and can be a hassle in terms of having regular scripts filled and eye tests booked.

If you’ve ever had an eye infection from contact lenses, you’d know why surgery is a better choice. Life’s too short for the pain of an inflamed or infected eye, forking out dollars every month for a lens bill; it’s time to take back control and reduce the risk that over wearing contact lenses entails.

  1. Appreciate the view

Life is happening around you every minute. It’s time to look up, enjoy the view, and appreciate your surroundings without squinting into the distance or fumbling for glasses.

Enjoying a movie from any spot in the cinema? Not having to put your 3D glasses on over your regular glasses? Taking advantage of the bird’s eye view at your team’s grand final appearance? These are the luxuries you don’t usually get to enjoy when you have poor eyesight without correction.

  1. No fear factor

Lasik eye surgery is still a procedure, but when it’s done by experienced specialists, it’s painless and there’s no need to take time off work. Other benefits include:

  • No downtime to recover (no sitting in a chair at home with bandaged eyes)
  • Unlike many other clinics, you’ll see the same specialist from your first consultation through to the surgery. Dr Alpins will also assess your eyes prior to and performs the surgery himself.
  1. See the savings

LASIK eye surgery in particular can be great for your hip-pocket, too. After your consultations and the actual procedure, you can say goodbye to bills for:

  • Ongoing eye tests and optometrist appointments
  • Contact lens prescriptions
  • New frames and lenses if your sight deteriorates
  • Replacing lost prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Don’t forget to check with your health insurer—some may chip in for the cost of your eye surgery. If your policy lets you choose how to allocate your extras benefits, after your procedure, you can switch your optical allowance to other health services like dental or physio.

  1. Get your confidence back

We all want to feel good about ourselves. There’s nothing vain about wanting to be confident and self-assured. If you feel like your glasses or contact lenses are holding you back socially or with sports, laser eye correction might be just what you need.

Whether it’s simply a boost when you look in the mirror, or if you’re preparing for a big event like your wedding, you can make the choice to leave your glasses or contact lenses behind.

Let the first impression you make be your winning smile or your great conversation—not the glasses you’re wearing, or how you’re squinting to make out faces across the room.

Ready to take the plunge?

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Amanda Mason is a Brisbane-based writer and blogger. She writes health and wellbeing content for a range of Australian brands.