Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

The expert surgeons here at NewVision Clinics have performed thousands of successful laser eye surgery operations within East Melbourne, Windsor and Cheltenham. One of the most common questions asked is whether our laser eye surgery will hurt. Below, we ease those worries by detailing what you can expect during your refractive eye surgery. Here, we discuss the processes, likely sensations and our use of anaesthesia and prescriptions for post-operative care.

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Laser Eye Surgery Melbourne Under Anaesthesia

Laser eye surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. Your eyes are anaesthetised with eye drops that will prevent you from feeling discomfort during the operation.

After surgery, you may experience watering eyes or a sensitivity to light. Most patients who have undergone LASIK surgery have had a pain-free experience, but occasionally some patients will notice a gritty sensation in their eyes after the procedure. If this occurs, it is recommended that you keep your eyes closed or sleep it off.

If you have advanced PRK surgery, it is common to feel some discomfort 2-3 days after surgery, as the cornea’s surface regenerates. This usually lasts until day 4.

What You May Feel During Eye Surgery

Even under anaesthetic drops, LASIK surgery patients have reported that they feel a sensation of pressure around the eye during the procedure. The surgery takes approximately 20 minutes, but the actual laser application time averages 30 seconds.

If you undergo one of our procedures, you will be at the clinic for approx. 2 hours so we can perform pre and post-operative checks.

We apply clear plastic shields over the eyes after the LASIK procedure and provide you with a pair of sunglasses for the journey home. The shields must remain in place until the post-operative check the next day.

After LASIK Surgery and PRK Surgery

Most patients experience corrected eyesight instantaneously, or up to the following morning after LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery has a quicker healing period of 1-2 days compared to Advanced PRK surgery, which can take up to a week. A follow up appointment is made a day after your surgery, and later checks occur after one month.


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