Finding the Right LASIK Surgeon in Melbourne: Tips for a Successful Outcome

Your eyesight is precious and when you’re considering seeking laser eye treatments like LASIK surgery to improve myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, finding the right surgeon matters. With extensive experience performing successful laser eye procedures, NewVision Clinics are your trusted local experts for LASIK in Melbourne. Read our guide on how to choose a laser eye surgeon and why we’re a stand-out option.

Tailored Treatment Plans

It’s important to find a qualified surgeon who carefully assesses your circumstances and undertakes procedures with the utmost safety and expertise. When it comes to eye surgery, LASIK is one of the best treatments available. Like any procedure, however, your suitability depends on your unique circumstances. An experienced laser eye surgeon can confidently assess your suitability based on factors like age, cornea thickness, degree of refractive error and overall eye health.

Qualifications and Experience

Aim to find a highly qualified surgeon who is board-certified by the Board of Ophthalmology in Australia or a similar organisation. This indicates the completion of rigorous training and exams to demonstrate their expertise in performing LASIK in Melbourne.

In addition to qualifications, look for a surgeon who has extensive experience. Our surgeon Professor Noel Alpins, founded NewVision Clinics and has been performing eye surgeries since the 1990’s. With well over 30,000 successful laser eye surgeries performed, he is recognised nationally and internationally as a leading surgeon. He is an industry authority when it comes to eye surgery, LASIK, PRK and tailored treatments for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Reviews and Testimonials

Research clinics in your area online. Look for a track record of positive reviews and patient testimonials on their websites and anywhere else they have an online presence. You should be able to find plenty of information about their experience, the different procedures offered and what the treatment process will be like.

Visit Our Clinic for a Consultation on Getting LASIK in Melbourne

Book a free, no-obligation consultation at NewVision Clinics in Melbourne and we can chat with you about your needs. We undertake a comprehensive assessment of your vision through various tests before discussing whether LASIK surgery or other procedures best suit your circumstances. Call 1800 20 20 20 today or book online.