Get the leading edge at uni with LASIK

Get the leading edge at uni with LASIK

Starting tertiary studies for the first time can be a daunting experience. A new campus to navigate, study plans to lock in, class timetables, lectures, tutorials – the list goes on.

You have your textbooks to manage, online notes to organise and lecture notes to memorise. And for some students, this journey begins with the added burden of not having perfect vision. Imagine all of the above, and not being able to read your notes or the teachers instructions clearly on the whiteboard!

But this doesn’t have to be the case. LASIK eye surgery can be carried out in a single day, without pain and with minimal recovery time – meaning you can tackle your university studies with complete confidence and 20/20 vision.

What do I need to know about LASIK eye surgery?

There are a range of conditions that cause young people to have impaired vision, including; myopia (short-sightedness), astigmatism and hyperopia (long-sightedness). These conditions can be remedied by wearing glasses or contact lenses, but these can be cumbersome as well as expensive.

These devices also don’t remedy the condition, whereas LASIK eye can.

It is a day procedure and the only inconvenience you will encounter is having to don protective shields (provided by NewVision) for a day or so.

There is no pain and about 98% of patients report that they have 20/20 vision the day after surgery.

It works by using a cool laser beam to gently reshape the cornea and repair the refractive issues that are causing the vision impairment.

Over 35 million people globally have had LASIK eye surgery, making it an easy, common and safe way to ditch the glasses for good.

Peace of mind delivered by leading industry surgeon

NewVision Clinics’ Professor Noel Alpins has been performing cataract surgery and refractive surgery since the early 1990s.

He has received international acclaim for his work in the fields of cataract and refractive surgery and is a published expert on myopia and astigmatism treatment with the excimer laser.

He was a pioneer in this field, becoming one of the first Australian surgeons to use laser vision techniques. Since founding NewVision, he has treated over 20,000 patients with the Excimer laser.

How can I get started?

Book your appointment with NewVision Clinics for a full eye assessment to ensure you are a suitable candidate for laser eye correction surgery. A consultation with our leading surgeon, Dr Noel Alpins, will follow. This is a thorough process that takes about two hours and is at no cost to you, with no commitment required. Following this consultation, you can book your surgery and be ready to commence your study with full confidence.

Contact NewVision Clinics on 1800 20 20 20 to begin your journey towards perfect eye health.


Byline: Josh Alston (@alstonjoshua)