Glasses & Contact Lenses vs. Laser Eye Surgery in Melbourne

If you have hyperopia (long-sightedness), myopia (short-sightedness) or astigmatism, there are typically three main treatment options: glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery. Each choice has its own pros and cons and is suited to different individual circumstances.

NewVision Clinics provides laser eye surgery in East Melbourne, with a dedicated team passionate about helping every patient find the right solution for their visual impairment. Below, we compare the benefits and drawbacks of these three options and whether a treatment like LASIK is right for you.


A solution humans have used for thousands of years, glasses are the least invasive option, offering a simple, low-cost option for correcting certain visual impairments. Dealing with frames does, of course, have drawbacks when exercising, plus the frequent annoyance of dealing with fogging in certain circumstances. The cost of glasses can also add up over a lifetime.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are increasingly popular due to their discrete appearance and their ability to support a greater field of vision compared to glasses. Anyone who uses contact lenses, however, knows that they can come with issues such as irritation, dry eyes, redness and even injury and infection when you fail to follow proper hygiene practices.

Laser Eye Surgery

Unlike glasses and contact lenses, laser eye surgeries such as LASIK can offer a long-term solution for anyone looking to correct certain visual impairments. With modern procedures like LASIK, recovery is minimal, so you can get back to regular activities within a few days. The downside, apart from the usual recovery time associated with eye surgery, is a higher upfront cost. It may, however, work out as better value over time.

NewVision Clinics specialises in laser eye surgery in East Melbourne, with over 36,000 successful procedures under our belt. Depending on your circumstances, our team can advise you on whether laser eye surgery is a good option for you.

Enquire About Laser Eye Surgery in East Melbourne

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