How to Prepare for Your Laser Eye Surgery in Melbourne

Preparing for laser eye surgery is crucial to ensure a successful procedure and positive outcome. In this blog, NewVision Clinics discusses the steps you should take before going for laser eye surgery in Melbourne to achieve the best possible results.

laser eye surgery in Melbourne

Choose the Best Laser Eye Surgery in Melbourne

Selecting the best laser eye surgery in Melbourne starts with finding a reputable clinic and an experienced surgeon. Research the clinic’s track record, read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family to make an informed decision.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

To ensure accurate measurements during your pre-operative assessment, stop wearing contact lenses for a period advised by your surgeon (usually3 days). This allows your corneas to return to their natural shape and ensures the surgery is tailored to your needs.

Avoid Eye Makeup and Skincare Products

In the days leading up to your laser eye surgery, it’s essential to stop wearing eye makeup, lotions and creams. These products can leave residue on your eyelashes and increase the risk of infection. Your surgeon will advise you when to discontinue using these products before the procedure.

Have a Pre-Operative Eye Examination

Before your laser eye surgery in East Melbourne, you will undergo a pre-operative eye examination. This comprehensive assessment includes measuring corneal thickness, measuring your prescription and the shape of the cornea as well as evaluating tear production. These tests help your surgeon develop a customised treatment plan for your eyes.

Discuss Medications With Your Surgeon

If you’re taking any medications, inform your surgeon during the consultation. They will advise you to continue or discontinue specific medicines before the procedure.

Prepare Your Home for Recovery

Create a comfortable and clean environment for your post-operative recovery. Ensure your home has artificial tears, pain relievers and any prescribed medications. Additionally, arrange a comfortable space to rest and sleep after your procedure.

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