Hyperopia and Aging: How Your Vision Changes Over Time

Once we reach around the age of 40, it’s common to start experiencing changes in our vision. Many adults may start to notice problems seeing clearly at close distances, for example, when reading or using digital devices. Those with hyperopia who notice their vision worsening may need to update their prescription glasses more often.

Other times, they may explore whether laser eye surgery is a good treatment option to manage the condition and prevent it from progressing further. NewVision Clinics provides hyperopia treatment in Melbourne, including both LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery. Here, we look at how aging influences hyperopia and options to manage it.

Understanding Age-Related Changes in Vision

Studies investigating changes in refractive errors among older adults have consistently reported increased long-sightedness with age before 70. This is contrasted with a trend of becoming more myopic (close-sighted) after the age of 70.

If you already have hyperopia (long-sightedness), you may notice the condition progressing between the ages of 40 and 70. Those with previously clear vision can experience similar symptoms, however, this is a separate condition known as presbyopia, which is age-related.

Common Symptoms

Not everyone will experience the same symptoms of hyperopia and presbyopia as they age, but the following are common:

  • Needing more light to see as well as you used to
  • Problems with glare, particularly when driving.
  • Changes in colour perception
  • Increased dryness in eyes
  • Difficulty reading and doing close work on computers and other digital devices.

Changes in near vision should stop between the ages of 60 and 70, with fewer changes to your prescription glasses required.

Hyperopia Treatment Options

There are several treatment options for long-sightedness, ranging from prescription glasses and contact lenses to laser eye surgery like LASIK and PRK. These procedures correct the shape of your cornea so light refracts properly into your retina, allowing you to focus on nearby objects again.

Laser eye surgery can correct hyperopia.

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