Is LASIK Safe? Understanding the Procedure’s Safety Standards in Melbourne

Our eyesight is precious and it’s common to feel apprehensive about any surgical procedure performed on these sensitive organs. When it comes to eye surgery, LASIK is one of the safest procedures available with over 700,000 patients treated each year. At NewVision Clinics, we’ve performed over 30,000 successful procedures in Melbourne. Here, we look at how safety standards and expertise ensure minimal risk.

How Does LASIK Surgery Work?

LASIK surgery uses a precise cool beam laser guided by advanced motion detection technology. This laser alters the surface of your cornea in order to correct refractive errors like short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.

The procedure only takes 15 to 20 minutes and can be done without general anaesthesia, lowering the risk of complications. The technology used for LASIK surgery detects eye movements approximately 4,000 times per second to generate the most precise results. This protects against any risks that may arise from the patient accidentally blinking, moving, coughing or sneezing.

How Safe Is LASIK? 

As the most commonly performed eye surgery, LASIK has had a long track record of studies analysing its safety and effectiveness. Findings from 97 LASIK studies covering 67,893 patient outcomes found that over 90% of patients achieved 20/20 or 6/6 vision. Less than 0.4% of patients experienced complications or reductions in vision while 99% of patients reported positive outcomes overall.

Potential Risks and Side Effects of LASIK Surgery? 

Of course, no procedure is free from potential side effects and risks. With LASIK, some patients report blurry or hazy vision for 48 hours after treatment. This normally clears. Rarer complications include over or under-correction that results in suboptimal vision, infection and dry eyes.

Determining if LASIK is Appropriate for You

Ensuring you meet the basic eligibility requirements is one of the surest ways of mitigating risks and side effects. To be a good candidate, you should be over 18 years old and have:

  • Good eye health, free from issues such as persistent dry eyes
  • Sufficient cornea thickness
  • No significant change in your glasses prescription for the last six months
  • Superficial corneal scars or dystrophies less than 200 microns deep
  • Pupils that are not oversized
  • No history of medical eye conditions or general health issues that may preclude surgery.

In some cases, a person’s refractive error may be too high or too irregular for laser eye surgery. Patients over 55 may also be better suited to lens exchange surgery instead of LASIK surgery.

Book a Consultation for LASIK in Melbourne

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