Kids back at school? Take time to correct your eyesight

School holidays are a lot of fun for the young ones, but they can be stressful times for parents.

How would you like to go into the next school break not having to worry about glasses or contact lenses?

We know that time is a valuable thing for parents and even with the kids safely deposited back in class there are precious few minutes in a day.

But you can have LASIK eye surgery to repair a range of refractive errors in less time than it takes to find a lost library book.

NewVision Clinics can complete your surgery in less than 30 minutes, for both eyes, and have you seeing a dramatic difference almost immediately.

And the entire procedure is virtually pain free, so you ditch those glasses or contacts for good while you have a spare moment with the kids back at school.

How LASIK eye surgery can help.

LASIK eye surgery can be used to correct a range of refractive errors in the cornea, including astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea), hyperopia (farsightedness), and myopia (nearsightedness). There are surgical options available to treat cataracts as well.

We know the term laser can be daunting to some, but think of it as a cool beam of light rather than a science fiction weapon.

It is safer and much less painful than traditional scalpel surgery with virtually no risks and no pain.

The procedure involves a thin flap being crafted on the eye, the corner being reshaped by the cool laser and then the flap restored as a natural healing shield for your eye.

It only takes approximately ten minutes per eye and is performed under local anaesthetic. When the procedure is complete, you may feel some sensitivity towards light but you will also notice a dramatic change in your vision.

What you will need to know

As we know time is a balancing act for parents, here are the numbers you need to know.

After your initial consultation to determine your eligibility, the process is extremely rapid.

You will need to allocate about 30 minutes for the procedure itself, but we recommend you organise someone to drive you to and from the clinic as you might not be able to operate a vehicle because of the sensitivity to light.

You will need 48 hours away from work, but you will not be bedridden in that time. We provide a special pair of sunglasses to protect your sensitive eyes so you can get about your daily business.

There should not be any pain or major discomfort in that time, just a little light sensitivity as your eyes adjust to their new form.

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