Laser Eye Surgery for Different Age Groups in Melbourne: Customised Approaches

When considering eligibility for laser eye surgery, age can sometimes be a key consideration. While the treatment is suitable for individuals across a range of ages, different factors can determine what type of treatment best suits the circumstances. With experience performing over 30,000 successful laser eye treatments, NewVision Clinics has a strong understanding of what procedures will suit your circumstances. We offer laser eye surgery in East Melbourne, Cheltenham and Windsor. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

When Does Age Matter?

Age is an important variable for laser eye surgery because our eyes undergo natural changes when we’re younger and older. Laser eye surgery is a good option for most patients between the ages of 18 and 55. The treatment isn’t typically advised for patients under 18 as our eyesight continues to change naturally until adulthood. When suffering from any refractive vision impairment, it’s common to require frequent updates in your prescription from childhood into your 20’s.

Rather than focusing on age as the primary factor for eligibility, we focus on the bigger picture when you visit us for laser eye surgery in East Melbourne. Our laser eye surgeons will primarily look at whether refractive errors stay constant for 12 months. This reduces the likelihood of needing follow-up treatments down the track.

Laser Eye Surgery in Older Age

Many people also start to develop presbyopia once they are over 40. This is a form of age-related vision impairment caused by the natural lens in our eye becoming less flexible, resulting in blurred vision when focusing on nearby objects.

The rigidity of your lens may influence the success of laser eye surgery. If this is a potential risk for you as an older patient, our team can advise you on alternative treatment options when you come in for a consultation on laser eye surgery in Cheltenham, Windsor or East Melbourne

Expert Laser Eye Surgery in Windsor, Cheltenham and East Melbourne

NewVision specialises in providing laser eye surgery in Cheltenham, Windsor and East Melbourne. During your consultation, we’ll advise whether your age is an important factor for your eligibility. Call 1800 20 20 20 or book a consultation online for laser eye surgery in Windsor, East Melbourne or Cheltenham.