The A-Z of things that are clearly better without glasses

If you are looking into laser eye surgery, you’re probably already getting excited about parts of your life that will be seriously improved after saying goodbye to your glasses.

In case you need some further inspiration, check out this list of 26 experiences (one for each letter of the alphabet) that you will be able to take to a whole new level.

AFL action: Play seriously, enjoy a kick-to-kick with mates, watch the action from the comfort of your lounge, or take in the atmosphere at the ground.

Binocular browsing: Because binoculars and telescopes were designed for people who don’t need their vision corrected, laser eye surgery will have you seeing the stars. Literally.

Coastal carousing: Sand, surf and sun. Imagine being able to hit the waves with clear, glasses-less vision.

Dance days: Whether your beat is club, hip-hop, Latin, ballet, or ballroom—glasses simply don’t belong on a dancefloor.

Exfoliation exactness: How much more accurate (and nick-free) will shaving be (legs in the shower or face in the mirror) when your fogged-up glasses aren’t in the way?

Fashion frenzy: No more glasses being knocked off as you whip through outfits in the changeroom. See yourself clearly in the mirror and focus on accessorising with things other than your specs.

Gym-going: Lose your glasses to start loving the feeling of sweat pouring down your face, the challenge of high-intensity moves, and a quick splash of water to refresh you for the next set.

Hassle-free hair: No more up-dos that sweep your glasses off your face along with your hair.

International incidents: Travel is fabulous—until you lose or break your glasses.

Juggling juniors: So many aspects of being a parent are better with glasses-free vision. Being blurry with sleep is better without blurry vision. Toddler energy is easier to embrace when it is not directed at grabbing your glasses. Messy preschool activities are more joyful when you are less constrained. Great vision without glasses might also save you from the agony of stepping on a discarded piece of Lego.

Karate kicking: Mastery of all methods of martial arts and self-defence will improve once your face is free from frames.

Lane lapping: Following a sharp black line, sussing out your fellow-swimmers, and working out which lane to swim in are advantages of water sports with clear vision.

Manageable mornings: Mornings are the make-or-break of a busy day. Forget cleaning  lenses and accidently knocking your glasses off the bedside table in your rush to become presentable to the world.

Night-time nuances: Springing out of sleep and into action when something goes bump in the night is easier when you can see sharply straight away.

On-the-go navigating: When you’re rushing around the busy streets, trying to find your way through certain areas, being able to see signs and directions is key.

Photographic poses: No longer will your photos be full of shots where you’re not looking your best ,thanks to the sunlight or flash bouncing off your glasses. Let your eyes be the windows to your soul without glasses being between you and the camera.

Quixotic quests: Whatever your dream quest – trekking the Himalayas, freediving in the tropics, or a four wheel driving lap of Australia – you’ll be freer to embrace the challenges and triumphs without your glasses.

Romantic Rendezvous: The meeting of eyes across a crowded room … the anticipation of a first kiss … all SO much better without glasses.

Summer sunbathing: Say goodbye to the dreaded glasses tan line on your face and get a nice even glow. Pretty much all beach activities are better and you can finally rock some trendy sunnies.  

Tradie triumphs: Whether you work up high, down low, in fine detail, or on the big picture, being a confident tradie only gets easier without the specs.

Umbrella dependency: No matter how good your umbrella is, it’s hard to avoid getting even a tad bit wet when it rains. Say goodbye to seeing through rain-speckled lenses.

Virtual adventures: Virtual reality is an exciting new frontier that will impact many areas of our life, from gaming to education to travel. How much better will VR be when you can view it in full focus?

Wedding wonder: We all want to look our best at our wedding. Plan ahead for laser eye surgery before your big day to look like a brand new you as you embrace this new chapter of your life.

eXamining X-rays: Health professionals will find examining x-rays easier after laser eye surgery. Regardless of your occupation, some element of your work will be improved without having glasses as one of your tools of trade.

Yoga fun: Your approach to downwards dogs, headstands and other inverted poses will be far more zen without glasses as part of the move.

ZZZ-ing: Sleep easy knowing that you’ve invested in yourself and your ability to enjoy life to the full.

If the ABCs of the benefits of ditching your glasses has spelled out the need for you to find out whether laser eye surgery is for you, call NewVision Clinics on 1800 20 20 20.


Vivienne Pearson is a freelance writer who, thanks to being diagnosed as short-sighted at age 8, has lived experience of the hassles of wearing glasses.