The Advantages of PRK for Patients with Thin Corneas in Melbourne

First developed in the 1980s, PRK laser surgery (photorefractive keratectomy) is the original laser eye procedure, used to treat myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism. PRK surgery has been performed since 1991 and remains in use today as a versatile and safe alternative treatment option when other procedures like LASIK, aren’t possible.

NewVision Clinics specialises in PRK laser surgery in Melbourne, with a strong track record of over 30,000 successful procedures. Below, we look in greater detail at how and why PRK is better suited to patients with thinner corneas.

Why Does Cornea Thickness Matter?

If you have thinner corneas than average, LASIK may not be the best eye surgery option for you. This is because the procedure requires removing more eye tissue to reshape your cornea and correct refractive errors, increasing the risk of complications and side effects.

Your cornea can naturally be thinner than average, making PRK more suitable. Other factors contributing to thinner corneas include genetics, frequent inflammation from allergies or irritants as well as chronic eye rubbing. Everyone is different, however, so it’s worth getting your corneal thickness assessed during a laser eye surgery consultation.

How Does PRK Surgery Work?

During PRK laser surgery, your surgeon gently removes the epithelium, which is the cornea’s thin outer layer. The corneal tissue is then reshaped using a laser to correct your vision. The epithelium grows back fairly quickly, typically within days. While LASIK offers faster recovery and results, the overall result is essentially the same.

Benefits of PRK Laser Surgery

PRK is also more coe when compared to LASIK while reducing the risk of dry eye or infection, as it is a less invasive procedure. This also makes it a popular option for patients who play contact sports or with physically demanding lifestyles.

Find Out More About PRK Laser Surgery in Melbourne

If you’re considering eye surgery and think you may have thinner corneas, book a consultation with NewVision Clinics in Melbourne. We can offer tailored advice on which type of laser eye surgery best suits your circumstances. Call 1800 20 20 20 today or book a consultation online.