Why laser eye surgery is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself


With the Christmas period and summer holidays fast approaching, many of us will have the time to take stock and consider what measures we can take to improve our quality of life and wellbeing.

For some, this will involve a medical procedure. The gift of vastly improved vision – potentially 20/20 – is a tantalising prospect for anyone with eyesight issues. Laser eye surgery is the perfect Christmas present to yourself if this is the case.

The thing is, though, that it isn’t just a gift for you. Whatever stage of life you are at, the benefits of laser eye surgery can be enjoyed by your friends and family as well. And here’s why.

Summer activities

Glasses and contact lenses can be an annoyance in the hotter months as you enjoy holiday activities with the family. If you wear glasses, perhaps you have to worry about where to store them as you spend time in the surf or the pool. If you wear contact lenses, there is the constant problem of them falling out as you wipe water from your eyes.

The summer months are also a time when allergies can hit, making contact lenses uncomfortable. Then there is the potential of things being trapped underneath them.

All of this can get in the way of enjoying quality time with family and friends. More importantly, if you are a parent it can interfere with the supervision of young children as they engage in summer water activities.

Laser eye surgery can make all of these problems disappear. Crystal-clear vision in the summer, in essence, can mean freedom and peace of mind for both yourself and those around you.

Enjoying grandchildren

For those of us of a certain age and in the swing of retirement, one of the most meaningful things we can do is spend time with the newest members of the family: grandchildren.

Unfortunately though, poor eyesight as we age (either through cataracts, myopia or general eyesight debilitation) can get in the way of this. A gift to yourself of laser eye surgery can, therefore, not only enrich your experiences with your grandchildren, but also ensure they will always carry special memories of time spent with their grandparents.

Maybe it’s backyard cricket, maybe it’s reading a bedtime story, maybe it’s driving them to school: LASIK surgery can help with all of these, and can be a decisive factor in forming special bonds with grandchildren.


Summer can be a time of long car trips to reach holiday destinations, as well as frequent family journeys to the local pool or beach.

Improved eyesight thanks to laser eye surgery can make driving safer and more efficient. In particular, driving at night can be made less hazardous by the procedure (Wavefront-guided LASIK especially), according to research.

Additionally, the inconvenience of having to find and polish glasses before driving becomes a thing of the past, as does the careful maintenance of contact lenses for driving purposes.

Help with New Year’s resolutions

As we welcome a new year, many of us are motivated to commit to making positive changes in our lives. Laser eye surgery can assist with these.

If your resolution is to lose weight or get fit, the procedure will ensure you can exercise free of the burden of glasses or contact lenses. If you plan to read more, the surgery can reduce the need for reading glasses and eliminate that uncomfortable squinting at small text.

Maybe your New Year’s Resolution is to travel more, in which case the days of having to pack glasses and contact lenses, and equipment for their upkeep, may be long gone.

The festive period itself

Christmas is a time when poor eyesight can be a real hindrance. Not only does good eyesight mean you can see the look of joy on children’s faces on Christmas morning, it means you can better help out (if you’re up for it) with the cooking, cleaning and general hard work that is often required to make the festivities as special as possible.

And again, that’s not just for you, but everyone around you, too.

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Byline: Alexander Smith