Frequently Asked Questions

If  you’re considering laser eye surgery, you’re likely to have some questions and concerns. At NewVision Clinics, we believe that the more you know, the more you’ll see what a safe and life-enhancing process it actually is.

To give you an introduction and allay any fears, we’ve listed the most commonly asked laser surgery questions.  Browse through the laser eye surgery FAQs below to learn more about how we can help you enjoy life free from the constraints of glasses or contact lenses.

Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?
If you are eighteen years of age or older and wear glasses for long or shortsightedness or for astigmatism, you may be a good candidate for corrective laser eye surgery. If you are under 18, pregnant or nursing, or if you have certain eye or health conditions, you may not be suitable but should have an assessment to determine suitability and stability over time.  Because laser optometrists will be able to determine if you meet all of the criteria for getting good results, and advise you on the best course of action for your particular needs.

How long does the laser surgery procedure take? 
The procedure is surprisingly quick, comfortable and convenient. You should expect to be at our clinic for 2-3 hours to ensure all pre and post-operative checks are carried out. However, the entire process takes 20 minutes for both eyes with the actual laser application taking only 10 to 60 seconds. Find out more about the day of surgery.

Does laser eye surgery hurt? 
The surgery itself is pain free. Your eyes are anesthetized with eye drops that are instilled prior the procedure and will stop you from experiencing any discomfort. Some patients may feel a sensation of pressure around their eye for several seconds during the treatment itself.  Occasionally LASIK patients notice a temporary gritty sensation in their eyes following laser eye surgery. The best way to relieve this is to keep their eyes closed or have a sleep after the procedure.

What is laser vision correction? 
Laser eye correction using the process of lasersight® is a treatment using either LASIK or Advanced PRK eye correction technology. LASIK eye surgery is used for long-sighted, astigmatism treatment and most short-sighted corrections while Advanced PRK eye surgery is now used only for lower short-sighted corrections.

Can I have both eyes treated on the day? 
It’s usual to perform laser eye surgery using the process of lasersight® for both eyes on the same day.  In a few cases, where a complex prescription is required, we may recommend that each eye be treated separately.Following laser eye surgery:

What happens if my eye moves during laser eye surgery? 
Many patients worry that they might not be able to keep their eyes still for the duration of the procedure, but most do so without any difficulty. Professor Alpins is there to ensure fixation is maintained and no significant movement occurs.We keep you from blinking with a small instrument that keeps your eye open, and your head is comfortably cushioned in a headrest. You will be asked to look at a coloured flashing fixation light during the laser application, where our advanced laser technology includes Active Tracking so that our surgeon, Professor Alpins, is able to accurately and precisely correct your vision while the tracker follows every micro movement your eye makes during the procedure

When can I drive after laser eye surgery?
You should not drive on the day of treatment. Whilst each patient is different, most LASIK patients find they can drive the following day after their visit although we recommend against you driving to your follow-up appointment. Advanced PRK patients usually feel safe and comfortable to drive within a week of surgery or even sooner.

How much time will I need to take off work?
Whilst your vision will be improved virtually instantaneously after your LASIK laser eye surgery, we recommend taking one or two days rest before returning to work. For Advanced PRK patients we suggest a week but often less are required. Doctor certificates can be supplied if required.

Is the procedure safe?
Laser eye surgery is the most common elective surgery and over one million people undergo the procedure each year worldwide. It is considered to be very safe with very low risk of complications. At NewVision Clinics you are in the capable hands of a highly experienced surgeon: equipment and technology

Are there any laser eye surgery risks, side effects or complications?
With any surgical or medical procedure, laser eye surgery risks do exist. However, laser eye surgery risks are rare and can be further minimised by ensuring you select a highly experienced surgeon who uses industry leading equipment & technology. Most of the laser eye surgery risks are relatively minor, such as dry eyes and glare at night. In most cases, such complications improve to the point of resolution over the first few weeks following surgery as the eyes heal. Risk of infection is very low and is avoided with a standard antibiotic before, during and after surgery.

Is laser eye surgery permanent?
At NewVision Clinics we strive for a lifetime treatment solution. The vast majority of laser eye surgery procedures will modify the cornea permanently. The odds of regression are very low but if it does occur, an enhancement may be possible. 

Can laser eye surgery get rid of my reading glasses (presbyopia)?
Although laser vision correction may reduce your dependence or spectacle prescription, after the age of 45, near vision will naturally deteriorate and this will occur regardless of having had laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery treatment does not correct or prevent presbyopia.

How much does laser vision correction cost?
The cost of laser eye surgery depends on the level of correction required and the type of procedure carried out with our all-inclusive pricing starting at $2275. You will find that, compared with glasses and contact lenses, the procedure will pay for itself in a few years time. This is in addition to the benefit of being contact lens and spectacle free and the enhancement to quality of life this brings.

Can I claim laser eye surgery on my health fund?
Some health insurers offer selected policies that will cover some or all of the cost of your laser eye surgery. Check with your fund to determine your level of cover.

How soon can I play sport after laser eye surgery?
We recommend you withhold from exercise until 1 week after your surgery and wait  longer before engaging in contact sports. And whilst it can be tempting to jump right in the pool after your laser eye surgery, swimming should be avoided for 2 weeks.

How soon can I wear makeup after laser eye surgery?
You can resume wearing makeup a week after your surgery.

Can I apply for interest free finance?
We provide affordable laser eye surgery and to help you budget we can arrange affordable monthly payments provided by NewVision Clinics and not outside financers. Speak with our staff or find more details about interest-free financeoptions.

My prescription is very high. Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?
If you have a high prescription and have been told that laser eye surgerycan’t help you, it’s possible that we can.While some clinics turn away patients who do not fit the ‘quick and easy’ model, we endeavour to help all patients including the more complicated cases. We are able to do so because our world leading surgeon, Professor Alpins, uses the most advanced laser eye surgery procedures and methods that are seldom found elsewhere.To determine your suitability, simply suitability.

Will I still need glasses after LASIK?
Over 98% of our patients enjoy spectacle free vision after their laser eye surgery. However, some individuals affected by presbyopia will need reading glasses for small print.

Is there a long waiting time for surgery after initial consultation?
We understand that after your initial consultation you will be excited to book in for your surgery. Subject to availability you could have your treatment within days of your first consultation at a time and date to suit you.

How much does the initial screening cost or is it a free consultation?
The consultation is offered at no charge to you. It includes a thorough eye examination and a discussion of your general health and ocular history, as well as your needs and expectations. The procedure will also be explained in some detail.Typically your first consultation will last up to 2 hours. This is longer than many other laser eye surgery clinics in Melbourne because we are absolutely thorough in all that we do and on most occasions Professor Alpins will also see you at your first visit. This is why we can deliver the best quality care and outcomes available.

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